Neon Indian

Kinda kicking myself right now for not being able to see Brooklyn/Austin based artist Neon Indian who performed last Thursday here in Miami at Rokbar on the Beach, but unfortunately duty called. Got a last minute call to work at Vagabond for Shake's 1 Year Annv, so couldn't make it even though his rep had put me on the guest list. Hate when that happens, but what can you do money trumps fun most of the time.

Anyways Neon Indian puts out great nostalgic sounding lo-fi electronic pop that gets into your subconscious. Kinda gives me the vibe of bands like M83 except more on the minimal side. Really digging their album 'Psychic Chasms' that came out earlier this month.

Check out these three tracks and see if you agree...

MP3: Deadbeat Summer - Neon Indian 

MP3: Terminally Chill - Neon Indian 

MP3: 6669 (I don't know if you know) - Neon Indian 

Don't think they've put out a video yet, but here's an 'un-official' fan video for the track 'Terminally Chill' that is pretty sweet! Matches the music perfectly.

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