Los Angeles based solo electronic artist uberLAB sent us over a copy of his brand new album entitled uberwunder that has just been released on itunes as well as amazon and it is a pretty spectacular voyage!

Beautiful  instrumental electronic music that he perfectly describes on his myspace as 'the pure & joyous emotion a child experiences when he/she sees or experiences something amazing for the first time. (Think of your first visit to Disneyland, or your first sight of snow)'.  That's pretty much the same feeling I get when listening to most of this album. Pure, simple and magical electronic music.

He also hits the nail on the head as he describes the sound as 'an intergalactic space voyage in a child's mind'. That just about sums it up perfectly!

Check out these 3 excellent tracks and see if you agree with those comparisons.

MP3: Liquid Solidus - uberLAB  (YSI)

MP3: Kyma - uberLAB  (YSI)

MP3: Mnemosyne - uberLAB  (YSI)

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Unknown said...

This sums this up very well. It's hard to categorize this music, since it's very unusual, but it's undeniably fun and full of wonder.

This is a purchase I'll definitely be making, great pick