This week I got these two hot remixes sent my way for London duo Faithless. One is by Gui Borrato who you can never go wrong with. Here once again he delivers a dark housey dancefloor stomper perfect for those late nights at the disco. The second remix is by Jerome ISA whom I had never heard of before, but this remix is tight as well. Also a great housey number and both free and clear for downloading and in full 320! In addition to the remixes below is an excellent fan video for the original track which the band must have liked as it's posted on their myspace.

Excited for the weekend! So weird when you have a holiday in the middle of the week. It's like you have two week-ends back to back, but I'm sure none of you will complain and neither will I. If you're in Miami be sure to visit us at The Vagabond! Saturday Lil Louie Vega will be in the house to celebrate 1 Year of his bi-monthly dance ritual residencies! Oh man, it's gonna get hot!! See you on the dancefloor!

MP3: Sun to Me (Gui Borrato Remix) - Faithless 

MP3: Sun to Me (Jerome ISA Remix) - Faithless 


Fix Your iTunes said...

Thanks for posting! Have been a fan of Faithless and Rollo since '96 and they still sound cool here. And right Gui Borrato can't go wrong for sure. Awesome!

Unknown said...

The reason you may not have heard of Jerome ISA is because it's not so much ISA as Isma-Ae ;)