Kent Returns!

Big fan of Kent! They are one of the biggest rock bands in Sweden, unfortunately they're not as known around the world. In the late 90's they tried to reach outside their fan base by recording albums with English vocals on 'Isola' in 97' and 'Hagnesta Hill' in 99' in addition to recording in their native tongue of Swedish which they had always done. That was around the time that I got into them and fell in love with them. Both those albums are amazing! I highly recommend you look into both of those. Unfortunately their experiment wasn't as successful as they would have liked and they kinda gave up on the idea of recording albums in both Swedish and English and now only record their albums in Swedish. Check out this great post on Indie Paws if you wanna go more in depth on their entire history, album by album.

Recently they released their 8th album titled 'Rod' and even though I can't understand what their singing about their music is still as amazing and beautiful as ever! This new album sees them flirting more with electronic elements than the albums I grew up listening to, but they still have a good balance of rock and electronics and their trademark dark and moody flavor is still there. 

Their first single from the album is 'Tuntarna' which they've put out this great video for.  Here is that plus a high quality live performance and a couple tracks from the album. Keep it up Kent! You still have fans all around the world that love you guys, even in Miami! Who would have thought?

MP3: Taxmannen - Kent 

MP3: Vals Fцr Satan (Din Vдn Pessimisten) - Kent

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