Lifelike + Cougarettes (Remixes)

Love Lifelike! Everything he touches turns to gold. Even turning a mediocre rock track into a beautiful dreamwavey dance track like the one he did for Plastiscines 'Barcelona'. I mean the girls are gorgeous and all (you have to check out the video), but not the best track in my opinion. This remix turns it into a whole different entity and I'm liking it. Ahh, the power of a good remix.

MP3: Barcelona (Lifelike Remix) - Plastiscines 

Speaking of a good remix, the Cougarettes remixed one of my favorite themes to one of my favorite movies of all time Clockwork Orange! Man I love that movie. Stanley Kubrick is the ultimate filmmaker and that might just be his ultimate masterpiece. They managed to turn the ominous theme from that into a dancefloor jam. A-ma-zing!

MP3: Clockwork Orange Theme (Cougarettes Remix) - Wendy Carlos 

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