Million Young is a new artist from our very own South Florida. I met him at the Junior Boys show recently were he gave me an artsy hand drawn CD of his in the DJ booth. I remember thinking how cool he does his own artwork on these. Then lo and behold a month or two later and he's featured on Big Stereo and had his EP 'Weak Ends' reviewed on Pitchfork with a respectable 7 rating (read the review here). Pretty darn good by PF standards. He's definitely got the right promotions/hype behind him and it's well deserved. The kids got skills!

He puts out wavey, dreamy sounding electronic pop music that is soothing and lovely. Just my cup of tea. It fits in perfectly with artists like Washed Out or Memory Tapes. So far 'Mien', 'Cynthia' and 'Youthless' are my faves, but everything I've heard so far is quite good. The kid has a bright future ahead of him. He might have to buy shades :)  

Here are those tracks for you to right click, save as. Then enjoy over and over on your own time. Not that we don't like you loitering around these parts.

MP3: Mien - MillionYoung

MP3: Cynthia - MillionYoung

MP3: Youthless - MillionYoung 

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