November Mixtape

Can you tell what beers we were drinking last night at my friends place. Most of them say the name, but a couple don't. Fun times! Funny thing is this was just sitting by the counter when I went to grab a beer. Someone took the time to put this together. Pretty sweet.

You ready for another mixtape?? Here's some cool dance tracks that have been sitting in my memory banks. Also known as my shitty computer. Hopefully that will be changing soon though. I see a sparkling new IMAC on the horizon...Awww, the light! Can't wait!

Enjoy these. Lots of gems here and all OTR approved! Have a great week-end!!!

MP3: Pick Up The Phone (Richard X 12' Remix) - Dragonette 

MP3: Never Go With A Hippie To A Second Location (Allez-Allez Remix) - It's a Fine Line 

MP3: She Found The Diamonds - Get Shakes 

MP3: Gold In The Fire (Demo) - Monarchy 

MP3: Something Golden (Renaissance Man Remix) - Le Corps Mince de Francoise 

MP3: Dirty Mouth - Monsieur Adi 

MP3: Paranoiattack (The Sneekers Remix) - The Faint 


Chris said...

I had too many beers last night. Those Asahi caps are mine.

Hillary Belle said...

maybe Santa when Santa comes to Nirvana to leave Michael a MAC, he will leave you one as well.

Ray Milian said...

sweet! we deserve them :)

Unknown said...

great post. cheers