What is there not to love about Brazos? First I heard Day Glo and instantly needed to hear more. So then that led to this video of a live performance that is so humble and intriguing, I can imagine sitting in the crowd with heart shaped pupils. My love affair doesn't end there, it leads to their myspace's sounds like section which reads "A couple of hundreds years ago i was born and i roamed around, i saw various countries achieve independence, ans i walked the earth happily. then about 100 years ago i tripped over on a river and fell face first into a bed of mountains and the mountains were like an old familiar bosom and i fell asleep till a few years ago then i woke up and everything was different so i decided to write some songs about what i could remember." So maybe it's not C.S. Lewis, but it's nice to see instead of some dry sarcasm in those boxes. Wait, I didn't even mention they're from Austin, Texas! Ok, I'll stop and let you share the love.

MP3: Day Glo - Brazos

MP3: Tell - Brazos

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