Edison is an experimental electronic artist from California. Last week his reps sent me a copy of his new album 'All the Information at Hand' and it is mighty good! Great experimental instrumental electronic music with tons of sick samples and great beats! It kinda reminds me of artists like DJ Shadow, Unkle and stuff like that.

In additon to the album they sent me this sick live video clip of him performing album opener 'Tonka Truck' on this electronic boombox full of buttons that is pretty amazing and getting him tons of buzz! The guys got skills!

His album is out on Itunes December 22nd, but if you're in a rush to get it they have some advanced copies available here.

Here's the video I was talking about plus a couple of my favorite tracks to get you aquainted with his music.

MP3: The Ritual of Heat Rising Through the Attic - Edison

MP3: How We Got Here and Now - Edison

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