Elusive Swedish band jj, who perhaps should have even been contending for the album-of-the-year list with their amazing, hit filled release jj nº 2, have somehow slipped our radar up till now. Having just signed with label Secretly Canadian, who also recently signed indie greats Yeasayer, jj are set to release their full length follow up jj nº 3 on March 9th, along with their first U.S. tour on the road with the xx!! Unfortunately for us here in Miami, no Florida stops as usual, but if you can shoot up to Atlanta March 23rd, or New York the 30th or 31st, it'd be well worth the trip! The xx is actually sampled, along with Charles Manson, Akon and various others, in a brand new track jj did for Swedish Radio called '5 minuter med jj'. It's quite possibly the raddest thing I have heard in a long time.

MP3: 5 minuter med jj - jj

MP3: Ecstacy - jj

MP3: Things will Never be the Same Again - jj

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