Letting Up Despite Great Faults

Letting Up Despite Great Faults is an LA based band. Their reps sent us their entire self titled album the other day and I am loving it! A great mid-tempo shoegaze/electronic hybrid record that will appeal to fans of bands like Radio Dept., Yo La Tengo, M83, My Bloody Valentine, etc. They meld traditional instrumentation and electronic elements with beautiful airy vocals into a seamless work of art. Some tracks are more electro-poppy and others more shoegazey, but all excellent. A great late night record!

So far my favorites are album opener 'In Steps' (my fav), 'Folding Under Stories Told', the shoe-gazey 'The Colors Aren't You or Me', 'So Fast: You', 'Photograph Shakes' and album closer 'Release', but there's not a bad one here. No filler to be found. I also like that the songs are all 3-4 min's long. Really what's the point of much more than that for good pop songs.

Here they are the first three tracks from the album cleared for our readers to sample/download. The album is out now on Itunes/Amazon. If you like these odds are you'll like the whole thing and should pick this up pronto. It's climbing on the CMJ college charts as we speak.

MP3: In Steps - Letting Up Despite Great Faults

MP3: Folding Under Stories Told - Letting Up Despite Great Faults

MP3: The Colors Aren't You or Me - Letting Up Despite Great Faults

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