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Two of our favorite Miami artists Panic Bomber + People From Venus are both gearing up to release New Albums. Panic Bomber with Getting on My Mind next week December the 15th and PFV sometime early next year.

Panic Bomber sent us the album for review and it is everything we've come to expect from him. Dirty dance beats and slick vocal work. It's fan-freakin-tastic and very dancefloor friendly. So crazy when I hear him played on our local college radio station 90.5 all the time now. He deserves it. An amazing showman that will surely go far. Remember your early fans ;)

Here's a couple of my favorites 'Bang on the Walls' and 'Turn to Glass''Split Personality' and 'Spooky Action at a Distance' are also pretty amazing, but I can't post them all. Buy the album, you'll love it! Click on his link above to find out were you can get it or maybe win a free copy!

P.S. If you're in Miami his Album Release Party is this Saturday Night at White Room. I might have to sneak out for a minute to catch some of that. His live performances are sooo good and it's right next to the Vagabond were I'm a resident.  

MP3: Bang on the Walls - Panic Bomber

MP3: Turn to Glass - Panic Bomber

Next we have 'Kite' the lead in single for our favorite Miami indie glam rockers and good friends People From Venus. Here they continue their catchy pop rock formula that they're so good at. As always Paul's vocals soar to the stratosphere. Can't wait for the full length. Keep up the great work boys, we're listening...

As a bonus here's a video split of them performing 'Kite' at various venues around the city. Cheers!

MP3: Kite - People From Venus

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