Hot Chip Returns!

Does anybody NOT have the new Hot Chip record One Life Stand?? If there's ever been a sign that release dates don't mean that much anymore and leaks are rampant it's this release from Hot Chip. Can't even tell you how many people I've seen post on Twitter/Facebook how they already have the new Hot Chip record for weeks already. The only positive is that everyone who's posted that usually posts something like how much they love the new Hot Chip record!!!! So I guess that's one positive from it. The praise seems pretty unanimous.

I'm loving it too! It's probably their best since their debut The Warning. This one has a bunch of slower tracks which I'm really digging. It's 'officially' released Feb the 9th at which point I think people will be bored of it so wanted to post this before it's too late! Just kidding, little chance people will get bored of this too quickly. I'm sure it will be on people's minds all year long with singles and remixes keeping us entertained throughout.

Seems Hot Chip will be doing a little North American Tour with the xx opening up for them! That's a nice one! Here are those tour dates. Obviosuly if your in those areas run to get these tickets.

04-16 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
04-19 Chicago, IL - Riviera Theatre
04-20 Toronto, Ontario - Koolhaus
04-22 New York, NY - Terminal 5
04-24 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club

Here's a couple of my favorite tracks from the new album, but it was hard to pick, they're all pretty ace! If you didn't already see the video for first single 'One Life Stand' I posted it previously here.

MP3: Hand Me Down Your Love - Hot Chip

MP3: Brothers - Hot Chip

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Michael Unger said...

Who's up for a trip to go see Hot Chip and the xx this Spring?? I'd LOVE to go to Chi-town, NYC or Toronto!