Lifelike + Moby

Every once in a while Moby puts out a track that makes me go wow! Then someone like Lifelike comes along remixes it and makes me go holy shit!!!!! Like this remix he did for Moby's track 'Mistake' one of my faves off his 2009 album 'Wait for Me'. Played it out over the week-end and it pretty much destroyed the dancefloor! Sounds so amazing on a nice soundsystem. Love, love, love Lifelike! He's got such a great ear for catchy hooks and dark delicious beats!

Here it is for you to slay some dancefloors of your own! There will be happy campers when you play this one out. Just in case you don't have it here is the original as well. Good also, but more fitting for home listens.

MP3: Mistake (Lifelike Remix) - Moby

MP3: Mistake - Moby

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