The Magnetic Fields Return!

If you're like me, you probably grew up listening to The Magnetic Fields 1999 3 disc masterpiece 69 Love Songs. One of the most amazing collections of original songs ever put together. I mean how audacious 69 songs on 3 CD's and it didn't suck? That isn't too easy to do, believe me. The songs are as witty, beautiful and memorable as you can get for a collection that long. There aren't too many artists that would take a risk like that and it paid off for them. It's a classic that I highly recommend and still listen to on occasion to this day. Unfortunately after 69 Love Songs I kinda faded out of Magnetic Fields. Don't know why, just kinda happened. Maybe it was too hard to live up to the genious of 69 Love Songs? Not sure.

Anyways, last week I got the upcoming new album from Magnetic Fields titled Realism being released next Tuesday, January the 26th and right away it struck a chord with me. Reminded me of why I loved Magnetic Fields so much in the first place. Almost 10 yrs to the date of 69's release, the album is a great collection and classic Magnetic Fields. Just as good as anything featured on 69. If you loved that album you will adore this new one as well!

Apparently it's a sister record to 2008's Distortion which I can't remember if I listened to or not, but may have to go re-check now. He was gonna release both these records one being called True and one False, but he couldn't figure out which one would be called what. Ha, sounds like something that I would totally expect from the amazing Stephin Merritt. One thing is for sure his voice is as unique as they come. I just love the deep metallic texture of his voice that is completely unique in the world of music. The songs are short and sweet, most clocking in between 2 and 3 mins and his mind is still as sharp as a tack putting out amazing lyrics all these years into his career. Like one of my faves from album opener 'You Must Be Out of Your Mind' were he exclaims '..and I no longer drink enough to think you're witty'. The female vocalist which is also the same one he's been working with for years is still sounding as beautiful as ever and provides a good counterpoint to his deep voice. Keeps the record from getting too monotonous.

Here are a couple of my favorites. A really great album and a welcome return to form for The Magnetic Fields! Hooray! Forgot how much I missed them in my life.

MP3: You Must Be Out of Your Mind - The Magnetic Fields

MP3: Walk A Lonely Road - The Magnetic Fields


Plastic Fuzz said...

I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!

Love The Magnetic Fields alot and Merrit was an inspiration to my 100-song album which I recorded in 2005 after meeting him in a bar in New York. It was a night I won't forget

Thank you so much for reminding me of this release, the 2 songs you have given me will keep me cheery through the night!

If you are able or willing to take on the challenge of reviewing my album, let me know and I'll what I can do about getting you a copy.



Maddie said...

I adore The Magnetic Fields. I've only recently discovered their 69 Love Songs album and I can't stop listening to it. Very much looking forward to the new album.