STAYGOLD are a duo from the amazing pop land of Stockholm, Sweden. Recently a friend Lex posted a track from them on Facebook called 'Backseat' featuring Spank Rock and Damien Adore and it is a pop winner! About as catchy a track as you can get. It's got some pop, funk and hip hop elements all rolled into one. Been jamming it in my car the last few days.

Here is the mp3 plus a Live Performance of the track I saw on their myspace at an awards show seems like. Spank Rock does his part live as well as a cameo by Robyn. Pretty sweet.

Backseat (Ft Spank Rock and Damien Adore) - STAYGOLD

*** Per STAYGOLD's labels request (Magnetron) we have taken down download link for 'Backseat', but you can still stream it. They will be keeping us up to date with future releases/remixes, etc.

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Carla said...

this is awesome, all around. def reposting. thanks!