Christian TV

Christian TV is an artist from Detroit that sent me us a couple amazing remixes he did for Mike Snow's 'Animal' and Xx's 'Infinity' the other week. This past week-end I played out the 'Animal' remix Saturday at the Vagabond and right away I had two people coming up to me paper and pen in hand asking, 'Who did that remix??' Thought it was kinda funny as they came back to back, but it told me right away I need to post these babies up pronto.

The Mike Snow remix has a great dub-step beat, so if you like dub-step you're gonna love this! Even if you don't like dub-step you'll probably still dig this. He did a great job with it and the vocals are crisp and clear. The Xx bootleg is a bit more of a laid back electronic remix with a bumping chorus. I'm really impressed with both remixes.

As I was looking at his myspace for a pic to post I noticed he had some great original tracks on his player as well as a hot video for one of his originals 'When She Turns 18' that's pretty ace! Seems this kid's well on his way.

MP3: Animal (Christian TV 2010 Beast Mode Remix) - Miike Snow 

MP3: Infinity (Christian TV Bootleg Remix) - The Xx

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