Mumford & Sons

Epic love song alert! Mumford & Sons, a four piece from West London, make heartfelt music that not only gets its emotion across through it's lyrics but through bursts of piano, banjo, violin, and guitar that seem to speak just as much as the words. They're recording their debut album with Markus Dravs who has seen success with Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, Björk's Homogenic and The Maccabees’ Wall of Arms so keep an eye out! Till then make sure to check out their four song EP "Sigh No More" they released in January. Fans of bands like Band of Horses, Phosphorescent, and Kings of Leon check out Mumford & Sons! Enjoy the song White Blank Page below and take advantage of their free download for the song Sister.

MP3: White Blank Page- Mumford & Sons


Danoool said...

Their 'debut' album was released on the 16th October, 2009. It's called 'Sigh No More'.

Matt Klomp said...

Just wanted to clarify - the official US release for Sigh No More (which is a full album... and AWESOME) was 2/16/10. Definitely recommend everyone check it out. There's some other great stuff up on the band's myspace -