Priors + Grum

Parisian electro-pop duo Priors recently released their Debut Single 'What You Need'. It's a great track and it is accompanied by some great remixes by the likes of Grum, Hey Champ, Allen Walker and DCUP. They sent us over the four remixes to share with our readers and they are all excellent and varied. Love that!

It's hard to pick which ones to post, so think I'm just gonna post them all and let you decide which one is better. If you like them and want better quality versions of the remixes, even more remixes or the extended version of the single head on over to Beatport or Juno Download.

MP3: What You Need (Grum Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (Hey Champ Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (DCUP Remix) - Priors

MP3: What You Need (Allen Walker ReWrite) - Priors

Since we are on the subject of Grum I got a couple excellent remixes from him that have been making the blog rounds, so thought I'd include them in this post as well. One is for Goldfrapp's 'Rocket' and the other for Jump Jump Dance Dance's 'Show Me The Night'. Both are soooo good! Nu-disco jams perfect for those late nights at the clubs as you dance in the dark with the strobe lights in full effect.

MP3: Rocket (Grum Remix) - Goldfrapp

MP3: Show Me The Night (Grum Remix) - Jump Jump Dance Dance

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