Studio Brussels

Studio Brussels is a 23 yr old Scottish DJ/Producer/Remixer. He first caught my attention with his excellent new wave inspired remix of Space Cowboy's 'Talking In Your Sleep'. Such an amazing remix! I've been playing it out tons the last couple weeks. It sounds amazing on a good sound system.

Anyways I dug that remix so much that I contacted him and he sent me a bunch of other remixes/original tracks he's done. One thing's for sure this guys got a bright future ahead of him! His remixes have already reached the upper echelons of Hype Machine.

Here are a few of my favorite tracks/remixes from him, plus an edited version that he did for Space Cowboy's 'Talking in Your Sleep' video. It's basically the same footage as the original video except he added a breakdancing dude to the video as his remix is about a minute longer than the original.


MP3: Talking in Your Sleep (Studio Brussels Remix) - Space Cowboy

MP3: We Are Cyborg People - Studio Brussels

MP3: Run This Town (Studio Brussels 3 Min Fix) - Fake Blood

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Ray Milian said...

got a couple comments that all links were fake blood edit. my server is being weird today. had to wait a couple hours to even be able to upload the tracks, but should be working fine now. let me know if still have issues.