Tomas Barfod Remixes Bon Iver

Bon Iver house remix? Actually 7 minutes and 28 seconds of lyrical and melodic epicness.

Tomas Barfod (or TomBoy) is a Danish house/disco/electro producer who has remixed tracks by Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz, Lance de Sardi, Digitalism, Telex, and Chromeo amongst others. He's made his name by associating with the likes Gomma records, Get Physical, Kitsune and Turbo... all fantastic labels. And most importantly, some of you may recognize him from Whomadewho (yup he's the drummer)... and apparently a man of many titles.

Bon Iver needs no explanation, but for those of you out of the loop just think of Wisconsin, thick beards, acoustic guitars, and pretty folk music. It's nice to see both sides of the spectrum can fit so well together.

MP3: Re_ Stacks (Tomas Barfod Remix) - Bon Iver


Ray Milian said...

yay! good work! welcome to the team!

L of M said...

Thanks! Glad to be on board!

Victor Castro said...

wow! great track!!!

spinasana said...

love it! thank you!I'm going to use it for my "coachella" spinning class tomorrow!