I love finding out about up and coming bands. I love when said bands give away their EP for free. I love when the EP is REALLY GOOD. Todd Goldstein of the now defunct Brooklyn band Harlem Shakes has been writing and recording under the name ARMS since 2004. In 2009 when Harlem Shakes disbanded he brought in Tlacael Esparza to play drums and Matty Fasano on bass and vocals. Since then they have been writing songs together and recently put out an EP as a preview of what you can expect from their debut full length. The music itself is vocally driven progression of musical layering. The guitar and drums create a perfect little craddle for the melancholic songs. Check out one of the many good tracks off the EP below.

MP3: Heat & Hot Water - ARMS



Hi there, thanks for the tip. The music is really amazing but the link to download the EP seems to be broken. Even on myspace... I hope they haven't regret giving it away :)


Anonymous said...

I just downloaded of the link ;) Give it another try.