Electric Pacific

Love when I get good leads from Off the Radar readers/friends. After all you guys have the best taste in music ;)  This week I got sent a great tip from one of our readers (Tristan) on a brand new duo from London called Electric Pacific. These guys only have one friend on their myspace page (Broken Bells) and only two tracks on their player 'Japanese' and 'Ghost' and they are both exquisite! Electro-pop gold I say. How about we become some of their first fans?

Love when I find out about new music/artists. Get's me excited about the possibilities still to come. Think it's the Pisces in me. We are dreamers after all. This dream's of an Electric Pacific.

MP3: Japanese - Electric Pacific  320 kbps

MP3: Ghost - Electric Pacific  320 kbps

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Anonymous said...

Well I love them! Just played them on my show.