If you love Phoenix as much as me then you'll probably trust their opinions/tastes. Seems Paris band Fortune is one of Thomas Mars from Phoenix favorite new bands. After hearing the two excellent remixes they sent our way from M83 (another one of my favorites) for 'Mission' and the Blackjoy edit for 'Gimme' I think I'd have to agree! Sooo good!

They're releasing both their new EP 'Gimme' (really a single) and their debut album 'Staring at the Ice Melt' Today, March 23rd via digital outlets like iTunes/Amazon. Must get a hold of those!

Check out these two excellent remixes and you'll probably agree. Go to their site here and give them a couple of emails and they'll give you a bunch of remixes they've done for bands like Phoenix, Pony Pony Run Run, My Tiger My Timing as well! Score!

As a bonus here's their video for 'Bully' which is on the new record and will give you a chance to see the boys in action.

MP3: Gimme (Blackjoy Edit) - Fortune

MP3: Mission (M83 Remix) - Fortune

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