New Panic Bomber EP + ANR Remix

Miami's own/good friend Panic Bomber just released a new EP yesterday called Discipline on YYZ Records. He was kind enough to send a copy our way and as everything this man touches it is golden! All three tracks are solid! He just keeps pumping out them catchy electronic dance jams like he has an unlimited reservoir. My two favorites are 'Discipline' and the slow jam 'Perfection and Grace'.

He and his his label have been kind enough to let us post 'Discipline' on Off the Radar as a Free Download! Sweetness! For a limited time if you purchase a Panic Bomber T-shirt on his site that I linked above you get a Free Link to the Discipline EP as well. Not a bad deal. Music and threads for $15. If you just want the EP you can get the three tracks for a cool $3.

In addition another Miami favorite ANR have remixed 'Perfection and Grace' and sent it our way for distribution. They did an amazing job with this as well. Real subdued/clean remix of the track.

Here is a teaser video for Discipline that looks like it's gonna be an out of this world color explosion! Can't wait to see the finished product. I'll post it as soon as it's released.

MP3: Discipline - Panic Bomber  320 kbps

MP3: Perfection and Grace (ANR Mix) - Panic Bomber  320 kbps

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Anonymous said...

Panic bomber is an ace tune! Although I downloaded the song from here weeks ago, it's only now that I recognize its full brilliance... or something. ;)