WMC Re-Cap + Jukebox Collective

WMC is finally over! Thank God! It gets a little too hectic for me and over saturated with events. There's so many things going on at the same time that a lot of events end up being slow or dead and the really good events sometimes aren't as packed as they should be cause there's so much going on. Traffic/parking is also a mess and some of the people can be pretty cheesy.  

That being said it wasn't all bad, I did enjoy some quality events. Boy Crisis were amazingly cool dudes! We had a blast hanging with them Wednesday at Purdy for our weekly (786) party. I also really enjoyed the Sunset Cruise w/Sasha, Digweed and Tommie Sunshine Thursday afternoon/evening. That's always one of the events I most look forward too. Afterwards me and some friends went to see Golden Filter playing nearby at this private penthouse party at the W with breathtaking views of the Miami skyline. It was like they were playing just for us too, cause most of the people there didn't even know who they were. Mostly corporate types who had no clue. I posted some cool pics from that and the sunset cruise on my Facebook page here, you can see one of the pics above.  

Friday was total chaos at The Vagabond w/Erol Alkan, Aeroplane, Rory Philips, Classixx, Jessica 6 and more. I ended up closing out the night in the Bar Room spinning from 3 am until 6 am! I was beat, but it was worth it! An epic night! All the guys on the bill including Erol Alkan posted on Twitter the following day how it was the best party of the year/WMC. I reposted those tweets on our Off the Radar Twitter account if you wanna check that out. Add us up if you haven't already.  

Stayed in from the storm Saturday and Sunday and it was everything I thought it could be. Peace and quiet. Saw that new movie Hot Tub Time Machine Sunday afternoon with my girl. If you need a good laugh you must check that out. Funny flick.

Anyways after that crazy ass week let's get back to what we do best, bringing you new music!

Jukebox Collective is a London based band who's reps recently contacted us. They sent us some of their music. They describe their sound as having a DFA disco punk dance sound reminiscent of bands like The Rapture/LCD Soundsystem and I'd have to agree. Should work nicely on a dancefloor near you. Seems they recently broke into Hype Machine's most popular charts with their track 'Lost & Found' topping out at #15. Their second single 'Icon Parade' will be officially released June 10th on Supremo Reords, but you can catch that track, plus a couple more tracks from these up and comers on Off the Radar now! Enjoy!

MP3: Icon Parade - Jukebox Collective

MP3: Lost & Found - Jukebox Collective

MP3: Black Light - Jukebox Collective

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