Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings comes to us in a lengthy Canadian package, a one man machine, named John O. What a package too! Man leggings, an over sized acid-wash jean jacket, and practically all the in stock MAC cosmetics all on his pretty face. The best part, he some how pulls it off. Maybe it's his charming low voice that soothes the eye candy and avoids being a Vice's "don't". Anyway, he made quite a splash at SXSW performing alongside Dragonette and La Roux. If you're longing for more Diamond Rings, no worries, John O. is currently in Toronto mixing his first full length album Special Affections.

Until then, watch this fun video, where by the end of it you wish you can call John O. your bestie, and have wild dance parties with him.

MP3: All Yr Songs - Diamond Rings

MP3: Wait and See - Diamond Rings

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