Euphorie Return

French artists Euphorie who I previously wrote about here were inspired by some of the great feedback they got for their first releases and have returned with two excellent new tracks 'Stratosfear' and 'Meet Me' which they've been kind enough to send our way in full 320 bit rate. Both are excellent dancefloor jams that I'm sure you guys will enjoy, especially if you're a DJ or dance music lover. These are some talented fellas. I feel like they must have some DJ experience as they know exactly what works on an electro dancefloor during peak hours. Seems they spent many a night and drank tons of coffee to get this great music to us and for that we are thankful! Keep'em coming guys...

MP3: Stratosfear - Euphorie  320 kbps

MP3: Meet Me - Euphorie  320 kbps

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