Laura Escude

Got sent this amazing track/video for LA artist Laura Escude the other day who is gonna be releasing her debut album Pororoca on June 15th. Haven't heard the whole album yet, but this title track/video they sent our way for "Pororoca" is exquisite! The song has a little new age kinda feel to it, but it doesn't step over into the land of cheesy. Beautiful instrumental electronic track and the video only accentuates and enhances the beauty of the track. Amazingly beautiful video.

Seems she is one of the leading authorities on Ableton Live being the first person in LA certified to teach the program. She is also a skilled violinist and composer and frankly by listening to this track you can tell. Very talented lady indeed. Can't wait to hear more. Here's a taste...

MP3: Pororoca - Laura Escude  320 kbps

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