NPR Music, The Walkmen @ SXSW & Other New Releases

Ready for lots of good music stuffing righttt now?!

So I don't know about all of you, but a couple of months ago somebody showed me NPR's music site that includes many live concerts from lots of bands we all love and new ones we can discover. The full concerts run from 30 mins up to 2 hours, some also include interviews. They also have the "Tiny Desktop" Video Series, which includes bands playing acoustic sets in the NPR office, running from 10-20 minutes. Sometimes an acoustic set really sheds light on how great the voice and instruments sound and gives a band that may be more rockable in concert the chance to be a lot softer, which I really love. The cost to listen to these jewels is free well because it's public radio, but still something free we can all appreciate. You can stream either two sections on the NPR links above or you can subscribe to download them via iTunes.

My Tiny Desktop Favorites:
The Antlers
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Alec Ounsworth (Clap Your Hands & Say Yeah)

I just listened to The Walkmen's SXSW full concert (which  I'm listening to again as I write this). It's definitely one of those gifts worth unwrapping. During the set they play 2 tracks from their upcoming album (TBA), however the band is hoping this year. The set includes many audience favorites. Pitchfork also does a lengthy interview with them here.

My full Concert Favorites:
Bon Iver SXSW 2008
The Antlers 2009
The National 2006 (subscribe on iTunes)

Just like Walkmen's track "In the New Year" from their 2008 album You & Me, my favorite line is "It’s gonna be a good year".  That is especially how I feel about music this year, particularly for The Walkmen's release, Broken Social Scene (May 4), The National (May 11), LCD Soundsystem (May 18), and Arcade Fire (TBA). Wow!! Those are most of my all time favorite artists. Just from the look of May I can hardly keep my colored socks on!

As a treat here's The Walkmen video for "In the New Year".

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Victor Castro said...

With so many options these days on listening to music on the web such as satellite radio, blogs and Pandora, NPR definitely takes the cake, as does OffTheRadar. When I have time those our my first two websites I hit.

Another favorite on NPR is that you can stream a number of whole albums on you computer or phone!!