Plushgun / Buffetlibre Remix

First heard Plushgun when I was sent this amazing dance remix by the boys of Buffetlibre for their track "Mixtapes". Hearing that remix made me wanna go back and find out more about the band.

Seems they are an electro-pop trio from Brooklyn, NY. They have some elements of indie pop/rock in their sound as well which I like, it's a nice mixture. Funny thing I noticed on their myspace is that they are on Tommy Boy records. That sure bring back memories, didn't even know they were still around.

Anyways here is that amazing Buffetlibre remix, plus the original version of the track which was a new track included in the Buffetlibre/Amnesty Peace Project I wrote about previously here.  Their current single is "Dancing in a Minefield" which they have recorded a live video for. Here is that as well.

MP3: Mixtapes (Buffetlibre Remix) - Plushgun  320 kbps

MP3: Mixtapes - Plushgun  320 kbps

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