Ashton Nyte

South African born and current US resident Ashton Nyte who used to be in goth band The Awakening just released his first US album 'The Valley'. 

His reps contacted us with his first single/video "Jennifer" and I am loving it! He has an amazing deep baritone voice reminiscent of artists like Peter Murphy and David Bowie and I am a sucker for that. In fact the people from South Africa dubbed him "Johannesburg's Bowie". Indeed he has a spectacular voice and although I haven't heard the whole album yet this first track is a heck of a start.

Here's that first video/single for you guys to sample and maybe peak your interest in checking out more from this amazing artist. You can sample/pick up the rest of his album at retailers like amazon or iTunes.

MP3: Jennifer - Ashton Nyte

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