!!! (chk chk chk)

!!! has been churning out dance hits since 1996 and consistently setting the bar higher and higher for themselves. Led by Nic Offer, they merge extremely catchy beats with a hint of punk attitude that really seems to drive the electrifying energy of their music. Any moment a !!! song comes up, the crowd goes into a dance craze, including the wallflower because the beat is that unbelievably alluring. I'm beyond excited to premiere the first song off of the album Strange Weather, Isn't it? coming out on Warp Records late August. I really see this song driving the dance floor this summer. I can't wait for what the full length album has in store!

MP3: AM/FM - !!!

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Chris said...

I love this group. I was able to catch the last song at one of their shows in Boston. Too bad I missed the rest of it.