Marco Mahler

Marco Mahler is a minimal solo artist from Portland, Oregon he is getting set to release his sophmore album Laptop Campfire Speed, June the 29th. He sent over the first 7 tracks from his new album and let us pick the 3 we like best to post for our readers. I kinda like that system. I am digging all the tracks he sent our way, so it wasn't an easy decision to make. He mixes minimal electronic music with traditional instruments for a very lovely effect. At times he reminds me of Grandaddy and he will probably appeal to fans of theirs. If you dig these tracks sign up to his email list on his site I linked above as he will be releasing one new song from the album every week.

Here's three of my faves to get you started...

MP3: The Trees Have Fallen and the Birds Are Ripe - Marco Mahler

MP3: Beautiful Monsters - Marco Mahler

MP3: I'll Just Find a Million Other Things to Do - Marco Mahler

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