The amazing Moullinex from Germany who I've posted tracks/remixes several times before although under the name Moulinex. Seems he added an extra l to his name, so couldn't find him on OTR for a sec.

Anyways he just just put out a new EP titled Superman which was just released this past Friday, June the 4th. In celebration of the release he's put out a video for the title track, plus a DJ Mix called Villains Have Feelings Too that features all kinds of goodness from old to new. Kinda glad he did that. Most people put out mixes with only new stuff. Refreshing to hear a mix with a little of everything. Starting with Pink Floyd and ending with Pulp's "This is Hardcore". Sweeeet! Here's the goodness... Click on the Soundcloud link below if you wanna check out the tracklisting or click on the downward facing arrow on the right if you wanna download the mix.

'Villains Have Feelings Too' Mixtape by Moullinex

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