New Golden Ages

Philly's experimental dreamwave sensation Golden Ages, who I posted about here back in February, is back with a new free EP. The new EP is being released as an appetizer for his new LP coming out sometime in the not-so-distant future! How coincidentally appropriate that the EP is titled Africa for his fantastic cover of Toto's amazing classic hit, considering that the World's eyes are on the World Cup in South Africa right now! Obviously the guy has some excellent taste in music as well as a good sense of timing!

MP3: Africa (Toto) - Golden Ages

MP3: It Doesn’t Mean Shit - Golden Ages

BONUS: Here's a few quality remixes Golden Age has recently done of tracks by the two ultra-hot-right-now Florida musicians MillionYoung and Surfer Blood!

MP3: Twin Peaks (Golden Ages Remix) - Surfer Blood

MP3: Day We Met (Golden Ages Remix) - MillionYoung

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