Time to give back to our loyal readers (Sorry International fans, next time, only for U.S. residents) with a fun little scavenger hunt contest. The prize? Sony Qlasp headphones - lobe linger is a good thing. Crystal clear, in- ear sounds. Clips on and hangs on tough for whatever misadventures you'll find yourself in. This past week, I can't get enough of my pair of Piiq headphones, searching for new music and even going back to favorite albums. It's such a different experience listening to music with these on, they definitely paid attention to detail for our listening pleasure.
OK so let's get started with this contest, I'm going to list a few questions, and you can just answer back with the correct answers and corresponding YouTube video down below in our comment section. Please leave your email with your answers. First person who answers each one correctly get a shiny brand new headphones! Let's begin!

1) Which star of the Die Hard Franchises also made a blues harmonica album?
a. Samuel L. Jackson
b. Alan Rickman
c. Bruce Willis

2) Which rap song features the lyrics, "What they eat don't make us shit?"
a. Doo Doo Brown by 2livecrew
b. Slob On My Knob by 3 Six Mafia
c. Real Talk by R. Kelly

3) Which wiseguy from the movie Goodfellas made an explicit rap album in 1998?
a. Ray Liotta
b. Joe Pesci
c. Paul Sorvino

Good Luck!
Thanks to Trey Perkins for helping me find these ridiculous questions!

**If you're not a lucky winner, I encourage you to check out these new Sony headphones here . Many models, colors and price points for all you music lovers.


Robfactory said...

1. C
2. C
3. B

Lillian Banderas said...

you need to link the correct youtube video next to your answer to win!

Robfactory said...

1. C


3. B

Lillian Banderas said...

STORY COLLECTOR IS OUR WINNER! send me your full name and address to
Thanks for playing!