Harper Simon

Harper Simon is a singer/songwriter and also son of the great Paul Simon. Didn't know that at first when I was gonna comment that his voice/music sounded similar to Paul's, even has the same last name. Thank god I saw a video on his myspace of him performing on the David Letterman Show were Dave mentions he's Pauls son. Thanks Dave for coming through and not making me look like a dummy.

Anyways Harper released his self titled album and if folk/singer songwriters are your thing you're gonna love him! I previewed a bunch of his tracks on his player and I couldn't find a weak one in the bunch. Guess with those genes it's hard to go wrong. He just released a new video for his track  "Wishes and Stars" which his reps sent our way and it's great! Just like a mini movie. Very well done. His album is available now on iTunes, Amazon, etc if you care to investigate further/buy.

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