Hermanos Inglesos

Don't know much about Belgian duo Hermanos Inglesos (spanish for English Brothers) until earlier this week when I was sent this amazing animated video for their track "Wanderland" at which point I became an instant fan! Seems they released their debut album 'The Wander of You' earlier this year which I haven't heard yet. The tracks I have heard on their myspace I linked above are a bit harder dance floor numbers, but this newest single "Wanderland" ft vocals by MeMe has a much more poppy feel to it and it's no wonder that would be the one I'd be more drawn to. I'm a sucker for good pop.

In addition to the amazing video their reps sent this excellent remix of the track by Superlijm that is also very, very good and cleared for posting! Yay! Check out the goodness and get to dancing in your rooms/clubs people!

MP3: Wanderland (Superlijm Remix) - Hermanos Inglesos

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