Midnight Conspiracy :: Crystal Castles Vietnam Remix

Seems Chicago's Midnight Conspiracy are fans of Crystal Castles as they've remixed another of their tracks. This time "Vietnam" from their latest album. Mike posted their remix of "Crimewave" previously here. These kids got their feel on the pulse as everything I've heard from them is top notch dance floor gold! Have a feeling they will be going far. Just have a listen to this and see if your feet don't start-a-tapping.

P.S. Read that Crystal Castles lead singer starting punching some guy in the face recently at a concert after she got groped after stage diving into the audience. The guy said it was an accident. I'm not taking any sides cause I wasn't there, but she should prob stick to keeping her feet on stage if she doesn't want that happening again. What do you expect would happen when you jump into the middle of a young drunk crowd at a packed show? I mean sometimes they land on someone's head and you put your hands up to protect yourself. That hand can land anywhere.

MP3: Vietnam (Midnight Conspiracy Remix) - Crystal Castles  320 kbps

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