New The Count & Sinden/Mystery Jets Track!

I came across this automatic dance hit last night and couldn't resist posting it right away! Check out Michael's recent post about the Brit indie pop rockers here if you'd like to get a better idea of what these guys are capable of. Otherwise, take my word for it, this song will keep your energy level on a maximum high. The Count & Sinden have been must-have dj's for a while now, and thanks to their succesful London based Mega Mega Mega club nights hosting Mystery Jets for a guest dj gig, collaborative talks have been in the works. After Dark is the first single for The Count & Sinden, who are expecting to drop their first LP, Mega Mega Mega, on August 23rd off of U.K.-based Domino Records. Until then, enjoy this whirlwind of a dance hit and hopefully you'll hear it out on the floor any one of these days!

MP3: After Dark - The Count & Sinden (ft. Mystery Jets)

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