Let Em Riot

Let 'Em Riot is a solo project from Orange County, California electro-pop artist Alan Oakes. Recently he sent us his latest EP 'The App' for review and I am loving it! Beautiful simple electro-pop that I am always a sucker for. He mentioned that he is a fan of OTR and I could tell why, his music is exactly the kinda of stuff we love/write about on our site. Best part is his EP is available as a free download right from his myspace or blog.

Here are a few of my favorites just in case you need some convincing. "As It Should Be", "Tell Me" and the gorgeous instrumental "In Airplanes", but I must say the whole EP is quite good. I'm also gonna include another free download I got from his site. An excellent remix The Bear did for "Tell Me" that is total dance floor gold. Keep up the riot Alan, you got our attention.

MP3: As It Should Be - Let Em Riot  256 kbps

MP3: Tell Me - Let Em Riot  256 kbps

MP3: In Airplanes - Let Em Riot  256 kbps

MP3: Tell Me (The Bear Remix) - Let Em Riot  320 kbps

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