The Philistines Jr.

Got sent this excellent indie pop gem the other day by Connecticut artists The Philistines Jr.  Seems they have been around for a while, but were on hiatus due to their succesful solo work. The pair consists of brothers, one of which Peter produces Interpol and The National (nice!).

Anyways seems they got a little break in there and managed to record another album 'If a Band Plays in the Woods...?' and this first track they sent along "The Bus Stop Song" is a short and sweet ditti. Just under 2 min's, it's an indie pop gem! Starts off with the lyrics 'it's the end of the world again', winning lyrics if I ever heard some, haha! Best part is they want to share it with our readers at OTR.

Check it out and see what you guys think. I for one am digging it. Only problem is it's so short, makes me press repeat at least a few times. Extended version anyone??

MP3: The Bus Stop Song - The Philistines Jr.

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