Screaming Females

If I could have managed to have a band in high school, I only wish it sounded anything close to New Jersey's Screaming Females. They evoke all these feelings that just make me think its almost 3 o'clock on a Friday, with the weekend ahead of me, and soon enough I can celebrate and go nuts listening to their record. It's as if the Screeching Weasels stepped up their game and replaced Ben Weasel with Marissa Paternoster's shrieking vocals and striking guitar skills. I can only imagine how amazing these guys must sound live and luckily enough, for you and I, they are touring The States and Europe to promote their upcoming album Castle Talk! Releasing September 14th on Don Giovanni Records, check out their new single/video I Don't Mind it and make sure you pre-order their album right here and snag a t-shirt along with it!

MP3: I Don't Mind It - Screaming Females

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