Blackbird Blackbird

San Francisco dreamwave artists Blackbird Blackbird are getting set to release their latest album 'Summer Heart' on vinyl September 28th via Arcade Sound Ltd. The album is available for purchase now through their bandcamp page as well as free downloads of their three previous EP's. I streamed 'Summer Heart' today and I was mightily impressed! Real beautiful stuff! They do short (mostly 1-2 min tracks) of atmospheric dreamy electronics with beautiful female vocals. Pretty soothing stuff!

Their reps sent over a track from the album for us to post called "Pure" that will give you a good idea as to their sound, but I highly recommend further research/downloading than just this one track. In addition, here is a Niva remix for "Hawaii" that I had in my iTunes and didn't even know about. Soooo good!! With that the week-end begins! Have a good one!

MP3: Pure - Blackbird Blackbird  320 kbps

MP3: Hawaii (Niva Remix) - Blackbird Blackbird  320 kbps


okama said...

These really are beautiful, tho' maybe it's because I'm listenting to them at 4 a.m.

Victor Castro said...