Deep Sea Arcade

Speaking of hot spots of the last few years Australia has to be one of the top contenders for that award as well, although more for the electronic pop/dancey side of things. This week I got sent this track "Keep on Walking" by Sydney, Australia band Deep Sea Arcade that cite their influences from bands like The Zombies and Stone Roses.  I can definitely hear that. Rocking 60's psychedelic/shoegazey goodness from down under? Heck, yes!

Here is their track "Keep on Walking", plus a great dance remix by Aeons I came across for their track "Lonely In Your Arms" and their psychedelic video for it. They tell us to expect their debut album sometime in 2011. Sweet!

MP3: Keep on Walking - Deep Sea Arcade

MP3: Lonely in Your Arms (Aeons Remix) - Deep Sea Arcade

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