New French Horn Rebellion Single

French Horn Rebellion's reps sent over their upcoming single "This Moment" which is set for release November the 1st with their debut album 'The Infinite Music of the French Horn Rebellion' seeing the light of day two weeks later November 15th. Digging all the stuff I've heard from the album so far. This might be my favorite track yet. Catchy, fun dance number. Reminds me a bit of Tigercity who they toured with. Maybe some of that influence rubbed off. Which would by no means be a bad thing.

The best thing about the track is we get to post it a full month and a half before it's released! Nice! Right click, save as...

In addition to the track, here is a more chilled out remix for "This Moment" by Young Empires, plus a funny video they filmed for the track whilst on a shoot for Collective Magazine. Gotta love a good sense of humour, and FHR have plenty of that.

MP3: This Moment - French Horn Rebellion

MP3: This Moment (Young Empires Remix) - French Horn Rebellion

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