Another amazing track we got sent recently was by this new band called Avatars who have a difficult name to find a website/myspace for. Their debut single is called "The Air" and it was released recently October the 18th on Urban Torque Records. A sweet syrupy electro-pop jam with soaring vocals that I can't get enough of. The track is backed by tons of great remixes including one of our favorites The Diogenes Club. You can stream all the tracks/remixes on a page Urban Torque set up here. You can buy the track/remixes on U.K./Ireland iTunes here and U.S. iTunes here.

Below is the radio edit of the track sent our way as a free download for our readers enjoyment and sure to make you a believer. Enjoy and have a great Halloween everyone!! Have fun and be careful out there trick or treating. Remember not to eat the soft candies. MP3's are OK though!

MP3: The Air (Radio Edit) - Avatars

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