Electric Sunset

Some albums take a while to grow on you, but you keep listening to them for some reason not yet known. Electric Sunset's self-titled debut album was one of those for me and now I can't stop listening to it. While I was in NYC a week ago this album became the one I listened to everyday in my headphones while I was walking around and riding the train. This album has that bedroom electro-pop feel that puts me in a relaxed dazey haze while it's playing in my ears.

Electric Sunset is the solo debut from former frontman of Olympia's Desolation Wilderness Nic Zwart and was released Sept. 7 on K Records. Like a journal, he composed this album writing lyrics about love, loss, fear and self discovery while making his way south from the Pacific Northwest to San Francisco. You can also listen to 4 of the album's tracks on his website.

Although I have more than one favorite track, this one I am sharing with you was my first. Enjoy!

MP3: Palace - Electric Sunset

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