Every sunday in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in NYC they have a few bands play. It's a really interesting space for live music with it's ultra high ceilings and lounge couches. A few weeks ago I caught Jác's set and it literally stole my heart. The incredibly talented five piece from New Jersey filled the space with beautiful music that almost brought me to tears. Constantly switching instruments ranging from accordions, violins, stand up bass', pianos, ukuleles, and guitars to name a few, they performed songs off their record A Dull And Brilliant Life. At one point lead singer Ritchie Monteiro walked around the lobby playing the trumpet and hid behind a wall up a staircase which resulted in a perfect manipulation of sound using the unique space. The multi-instrumentalists fuse together classical music and folk with latin influences. Sometimes even singing in Portuguese. Check out my favorite track off the album "Polar Bear" below.

MP3: Polar Bear - Jác


Unknown said...

Thanks for the kind words and support ... We'll be at the Ace Hotel every Sunday in December at 9pm as the resident band yet again. Please tell your friends and come catch one of shows in December at Ace! Thanks again Off the Radar!!!

-bobby (drums/vox)

Selin said...

I saw the show at Ace Hotel this Sunday. It was amazing! I'm so impressed with the music and switching instruments